'the hunt' is my graduationproject about the my view on the hunt.

'Hunters' is my portraits project from hunters in their field. 

'Immink' is a portrait of a young farmer in Daarle. 

These images are my favorites; made during long walks, shoots, school assignments or work.

Making photo's for your company, your products, your story. 

If it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, awesome pictures are made all year around. And I would love that for you. 

You can take a look on this website or my instagram portfolio and more behind the scene's. 

Or if you would like to make some plans, you can contact me


to give you a little piece of Mother Nature at home

Photo's of Mother Nature; hours upon hours I could walk through the woods. Making a lot of photo's: sunrises, portraits of animals and close up's. These photo's would disappear on my hard drive, but not anymore! I have found a place for them: your home! 

I started to sell my work at society6.com

So if you would like to have a little piece of Mother Nature at your home, you should get one!