hello, it's me. a curly outdoor geek

When I finally could travel to Africa, I knew deep down in my heart something was going to change. And it did. I fell in love with Africa and her special light. 

I traveled through South-Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Uganda. Volunteering and photographing Mother Nature. 

After seeing these countries and hearing the peoples stories I knew what I always felt: 

I want to become a photographer

to tell stories from Mother Nature, 

to tell stories that needs to be seen. 


In september 2016 I started with my bachelor. That means that I'm always done and can go into Mother Nature, telling stories . 

In the last couple of years I worked on my portfolio, my style, my voice and working as a entrepeneur. I know exactly what I want to do: telling stories that needs to be seen

can I tell your story?


let's connect! 

a little behind the scene's in my life


to give you a little piece of Mother Nature at home

Photo's of Mother Nature; hours upon hours I could walk through the woods. Making a lot of photo's: sunrises, portraits of animals and close up's. These photo's would disappear on my hard drive, but not anymore! I have found a place for them: your home! 

I started to sell my work at society6.com

So if you would like to have a little piece of Mother Nature at your home, you should get one! 

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