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hunters in the Netherlands

Since the end of 2019, I have been following hunters wherever they go and whatever they do. I try to capture it all. But I also document their stories. This is my journal of the things I see, learn, and experience alongside these hunters. All this is to showcase what hunters actually do: observe, count, sow, prune, keep records, sit in wait, learn and shoot. All in collaboration with Mother Nature.


They aim to keep predator populations (such as foxes and crows) in check, try to minimise damage caused by geese and wild boars on farmlands, and save roe deer fawns from being killed by rescuing them from the fields when farmers are mowing in the spring.


All of this is to support and help Mother Nature. About conserve Mother Nature. 

Are you a hunter or involved in hunting, and don't mind having a curious photographer tagging along? Let me know, because I'd love to join you.

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