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Scotland; keepers day's

Scotland was on my bucketlist for years. Especially when getting in contact with the hunting culture. So when a dear friend of mine invited me to join her, I was very VERY happy. Preparations for months... January 2024 it was time to go!

Traveling to Scotland by boat, with Weasel en some good friends. In preparation I looked up some blog's and weather information about Scotland. Just a lot of clothes, layering my clothes and having fun! I was nervous before the trip; a new country, traveling with Weasel, difficult weather. I didn't know what to expect.

On the first day we could join the gamekeeper at a commercial shoot. So, not near the shooters and retrieving any pheasant that's been shot. Weasel didn't get it at first, but after seeing the pheasant flying over, being shot and hearing them fall, he connected the dots. I had to point out where to focus on, haha! Especially when he had some hen's to retrieve, easier than the cocks (those are bigger and harder to retrieve for him).

After this first (intense) day we had a day 'off'. I saw the sun rising and I had to walk around the house and photograph our surroundings. After that we went with the gamekeeper to a game and country shop, went in to the mountains for some rabbit hunting and climbing the hills with his car (and shoot some cans haha).

After this amazing day outside, we had a keepers day. A hunting day at the estate with all the gamekeepers, hunters, beaters, picker uppers and us. Weasel had an amazing day retrieving pheasants and learning about patience haha!

An amazing day with a lot of learning moments. I learnt that Weasel needs a swimming lesson or two... He does listen very good and loves to work for and with me. I also learnt that Scottish weather can fool you. Thought it was gonna be a dry day. It wasn't. So I didn't had my raining trousers with me. So I got soaking wet.

In this trip I also brought my old Nikon Coolpix camera. The camera that went with me to Africa and started my love for photography. The look and feel is amazing and because of the outdoor functions. I can drop it, put it in the water and it will work. So very ideal camera to take with my while hunting in Scotland.

These last photo's are stuck in my head. The look and feel of them, the light, the contrasts. Eugh, can't get enough of it. The rest of the trip was a dream come true. With friends, good food, good drinks and an amazing country.

I would LOVE to work again in the UK. Do you need a photographer? I'm here to help!

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